Bright Sparks

The first player thinks of a person, character or animal that they want to be.

The players ask questions to find out who the player is – the player answering with only ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The person who guesses correctly gets the next turn

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Who Am I?

Can you solve this headscratcher?

In case you need a reminder, each player in the car takes turns to say “I spy with my little eye” spying something that the other passengers won’t easily guess but remains in sight for a long time.  The player can choose a letter, a colour or a sound. The person who guesses correctly goes next!

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Eye Spy

The ultimate car game.

Player 1 begins: “I packed my bag and in it is…” and chooses an item beginning with ‘A’. Player 2 continues with “I packed my bag…”, remembering the ‘A’ item from player 1 and adding their item beginning with ‘B’.

Whoever reaches ‘Z’ remembering all 26 items is the winner!

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I packed my bag…

What are you taking on your holidays?